May 31, 2013

Weekend Shakers: Rajesh Thomas

“- “I’ve been thinking Hobbes –”

- “On a weekend?”

- “Well, it wasn’t on purpose…””

We could not agree more with Calvin. And to save you the trouble of ‘thinking’ what to do over the weekend, we have Rajesh Thomas, co-director at Rocketscience Labs, giving out some cool recommendations.

BookA Smile in the Mind 

This the best graphic design which leaves you with a smile with every page you turn. This book is about making graphics memorable by using witty thinking.

Film : Once Upon a Time in America (1984)  by Sergio Leone

It’s a movie for everyone in the industry, begin with prop coordinator to the director. A 229 minute of happiness.

TV Series : Just for Laughs

Removes all your stress which am sure everyone in the world who will look at in the weekends.


Website : The Creators Project

The website gives you lot of inspiration and energy for the coming week. They call it technology and the brightest young minds in music, art, film and design.


Fun activity for the weekend : A short trip to the wildlife with your close friends and family. Do not forget to switch off your phones and switch on the camera you might miss out the mighty majesty tiger passing front of your vehicle.

Music : Heavy metal, experimental and 80s, 90s

Mobile App : Drum kit

On the side, you can also check some really interesting videos on the Rocket Science Labs’ Youtube channel.

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