June 12, 2013

Sketchnotes: Maheswari Janarthanan

Freelance illustrator and designer Maheswari Janarthanan shares how her illustration process begins, “Usually I start by drawing my ideas or concepts in a book. This is the rough sketch.” Janarthanan ‘draws’ copious notes of her travel experiences and scribbles her ideas with ink, charcoal or pen. “So, it’s like time travel. Whenever you flip through the sketchbooks, you get transported there,” she says.

Though ideas are born in Janarthanan’s sketchbooks, they get transported on to the computer for development and final finishing touches. “I recreate the rough sketches on the computer. I just draw whatever comes to my mind and add elements and other details later. Sometimes the final illustration looks a little bit different from what I have imagined and scribbled.” Here, we get you Janarthanan’s scribble notes from her sketchbook.






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  1. Jayesh Sivan



    Great work Maheswari :)

  2. arun mandru




  3. thank you guys :)

  4. Sumedha



    This is lovely! keep up the good work Maheswari , You are an inspiration!

  5. Divya



    Hi Maheswari, Wonderful work.

    I am looking to do the same, I do plenty of art, but I am yet to start illustration. What tool are you using? Adobe Illustrator?

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