June 7, 2013

Weekend Shakers: Pushpendra Misra

Monsoons are cavorting happily over the country and we’ve already gotten our feet wet, literally. And if the intermittent showers keep you away from stepping out and having your weekend fun, Pushpendra Misra has some really interesting suggestions for a rainy day. Misra hails from the city of Lucknow and is director at Flying Saucer, an advertising and film production company based in Mumbai. His interests lie in Urdu poetry and literature, theater and writing.

Once, on his trip to London, he was touched by the attempts of some artists to reach out and connect to people. This experience had a huge impact on Misra and led to the birth of AntiMatter. AntiMatter’s mission is to provide a platform for art forms which do not find space in mainstream culture and to bring forth unconventional and underground creativity under spotlight. Do read on for Misra’s must-do list for the weekend:


Misra suggests reading the book Becoming Buddha – “A book on the teachings of the venerable Lamas edited by Renuka Singh. A warning – it has ‘spiritual gyan’, so if you want no introspection on the weekend then avoid this book.”

Watch the Argentine-German-Spanish-Uruguayan tragicomedy film, Whisky. “An absolute gem. Such deadpan humor, that it’s almost not there. Plus it’s tragic-comic. The kind of film I would make if I had my own money to fund it. If you are looking for laugh out loud humor then watch ‘Four Lions’. It’s a Jihadi satire and is hugely funny. You’ll laugh your guts out.”

For food, you can try ‘Scrumptious’ on Yari road, Mumbai. “I often have my breakfast there. Also, I have restarted work on a half done painting (oil on canvas). It’s a portrait of an ‘akhada pehelwaan’ (wrestler) posing. Evenings are for catching up with friends for a drink. Usually at Bonobo or Elbo Room in Bandra.”

While surfing, you can browse through the website Brain Pickings. “A friend suggested the site to me and I’ve been hooked ever since. Their articles have variety and intelligence. And as for TV Series, I don’t watch much TV but I catch ‘Mad Men’ on and off. It’s nicely made.”

“For music though, it is Beghum Akhtar. Period,” he adds.

Kyoorius Recommends


This week, our designer Jui Khopkar recommends the bible of  infographics, Information Graphics by Sandra Rendgen & Ed. Julius Wiedemann.

“This book is a comprehensive collection of data visualization since man started communicating visually. From 1144 BC, when the ancient Egyptians started documenting through symbols and hieroglyphs on tombs to interactive visualizations by Jonathan Harris – ‘We Feel Fine‘;  from fun posters like ‘Varieties of Beers’ by Ben Gibson and Patrick Mulligan to maps dating back to ca. 1600.

Now that infographics has become an essential part of graphic design, today, this book is a good way to understand, trace back the history and the inception of infographics as we know it.”

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