July 10, 2013

Sketchnotes: Kunel Gaur

This week we find ourselves rummaging through the sketches by Kunel Gaur; to be precise, the sketches by ‘the comedian‘ him. And if you want to know what we mean, Gaur is an advertising guy dabbling in film making , owns a brand named Cocaine (where he sells t-shirts, legally), has an eponymous website and is present across all social mediums. And with such diversity, it is easy to notice variation in his style.

For this, he doesn’t restrict himself with any medium and his work can have variable percentages of hand-drawn and digital, including at time being 100% digital. “I love black pens and use a variety of them based on their thickness.” Talking about working on the digital medium, he says, “I like to use layers in the drawing to give them dimension, a sort of play between the foreground and background.” Not wanting to restrict and bind his work, Gaur literally did away with the bindings of a sketchbook.  “I don’t use sketchbooks since they restrict the way I like to handle my drawings. I use loose sheets of white drawing paper of different sizes depending on the scale and detail needed.”







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