November 22, 2013

From Kay’s Library: Out there

By Kay Khoo

The biggest library on earth is just a URL away.

Like everyone else, I do scan through popular design-related websites almost on a daily basis via RSS feeds. I keep myself updated with what’s happening in the design/ad/visual communication/creative world. And thus, my is, in a way, my best library.

On, you can curate and read what you want. And I realized when one looks beyond the usual Creative Review blog, The Dieline, AdAge, or FastCo Design, there are many other great websites which are worth following. No, they don’t cover another new project by Stefan Sagmeister or Paula Scher, or a new campaign by Droga5, or a new brand identity by Wolff Olins, or a new structure by Thomas Heatherwick. They, in fact, often cover unimaginable stuff.

Here are three of such websites which I visit quite often:


The site claims to focus on experimental, grotesque and groundbreaking art, and it does.

Here you can find Rohko Paintings reimagined with discarded lighters.


And the bizarre Olaf Breuning’s Art Freaks, which transcribes 20-century artists into body painting

(Below: Body painting referencing Jean-Michel Basquiat and Joan Miró)

2. Gurafiku

Ryan Hageman hosts Gurafiku, which curates an excellent sampling of the visual culture in Japan. You could find artworks for “Internal poison cleansing pills” and “samurai frogs” from the 1800s.


If  nostalgia is not your cup of tea, then move on to the 2010s category and you’ll see modern Japanese graphic design at work.

(Posters: Juicy Fruit Bouquet. Yuka Asai. 2013 and Gassaku with Drinking by Hirofumi Abe / Tadashi Ueda. 2013)



3. hifructose

The online site for a quarterly magazine (one of those titles which rarely gets shipped to Asia), Hi-Fructose “focuses squarely on the art which transcends genre and trend, assuring readers thorough coverage and content that is informative and original”.

The idea of “transcending genres” always works for me.

Don’t be fooled by what you see. This is not a t-shirt. It is, in fact, a marble sculpture by Alex Seton. Even the design on the t-shirt is sculpted



Hi-Fructose also posted the work of Turkish artist Erdal Inci, who works with never-ending loops of lovely GIFs.




It’s simply wonderful to be greeted with inspiring gems from around the world, everyday.

Kay Khoo is the creative director at Kyoorius and is now based in India. He admits that he reads way too much junk, drinks way too much coffee and spends way too much time on his computer as compared to the average homo-sapien. One day, he hopes to clean up his act. You can write to him at

Kyoorius is a bi-monthly print magazine on visual communications. Subscribe here. For buying a single copy (or any of the previous issues), write to us at  You can order the issue from Tadpole, get the digital copy from Magzter and also buy it from bookstores near you. For any feedback on the magazine or to submit your work, do drop in a mail to us at Follow us on Facebook and Twitter


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