April 1, 2015

Barsoom, an extraterrestrial dining experience by Animal

by Anusha Narayanan

Animal is a graphic design studio based in Delhi, led and founded by Kunel Gaur. The firm is born out of the desire to work across genres in visual art and graphic design, be it illustration, branding, websites, merchandise, awareness campaigns or posters. It is driven by the realisation that there wasn’t just one field but many that Kunel was pulled towards – “I wished to make films, illustrations, make that app idea come alive or open an ice-cream brand that’s made from poop, all of it…”

We took a look at Barsoom, a design project for a tribal-themed restaurant, which included creating posters, flyers, teasers using animated gifs, Barsoom menu, t-shirts and other stuff like badges, wall graphics and glass vinyls. Since the launch, Animal has worked on their gig posters, flyers, social media posts and outdoor signage as well.


Barsoom t-shirts

Barsoom’s owners, Raavi and Shreya, approached Animal with their idea of a tribal space lounge sometime in September 2014. The name ‘Barsoom’ comes from Edgar Rice Burrough’s novels and their fictional representation of the Kingdom of Mars and the interstellar adventures that ensued. Kunel explains that, “What was interesting was transforming those Martian stories into a bar and lounge experience [like] never seen before. The brief also wanted us to steer clear of the clichés that come with any and every topic that has to do with aliens and extraterrestrial life. This helped us subtract a chunk load and lock on a few keywords.”

Barsoom-poster2 Barsoom-poster4 Barsoom-poster3 Barsoom-poster

The graphics have a clear stylistic inclination, although each piece is a collectible in itself. The style is what Kunel felt, best represented life in an imaginary tribal settlement on the Red planet. It is inspired by illustrations from science fiction books of the 70s, magazines, retro-pop culture and definitely takes you back to vintage sci-fi. The menu takes its cue from the theme, embedding astrological motifs especially at the back of the menu, which has a grid of symbols that look like runes from an alien script.


The Barsoom Menu



Kunel says, “We were also involved in making certain elements at the lounge, like the hand-painted wall and ceiling graphics. Raavi and Shreya have been involved [in the project] at every step of the way. They’re creatively inclined and always full of new ideas. Before Barsoom, we worked with them on their earlier venture – Flipside Café.”

Animal’s work can be seen on their website and Facebook page. The ‘Species’ project by Animal is still open for contributions and if any of you illustrators or artists would like to know more about it, click here. For their latest, check out their instagram.скачать vkbot бесплатно и без регистрациивозможно ли узнать анонима на ask fmвзлом wi fi сетей программы скачать бесплатнокак найти человека через телефон на картекак узнать пароль от почты рамблер

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