May 5, 2015

Stories Stories Everywhere: Mister Bumbles Interactive

by Pratika Yashaswi

It’s all about storytelling at Mister Bumbles Interactive – a design and development house focusing on storytelling and childlike wonder.

Brother-sister pair Amrit Pal Singh and Bandhna A. Banga are on a mission to infuse childlike wonder into the mobile platform. They make simple, yet inspiring and entertaining interactive products, mainly web-and-mobile-based apps, interactive storybooks for children, online bulletins, etc. Amrit, who has previously worked with mobile development giant Fueled, does the designing and Bandhna does the writing.


“We both wanted a more meaningful and creative platform for our work…we are extremely detail-oriented and believe that a good user experience is at the core of everything.” says Amrit, who began MBI after he moved to Delhi from Vancouver last July.

When designing MBI’s brand identity, the duo’s brief to themselves was simple: “We wanted something longlasting compared to something trendy as trendy design eventually goes out of style like so called ‘Hipster Design’.”


Mister Bumbles’ Identity

Favicon-01    GreyScale_Logo-mister-bumbles   Mister-Bumbles-Logo-Patterns

When you look at MBI’s logo, it becomes immediately obvious that they work with or for children. The generously rounded and bold shapes forming the initials M,B and I in blue, red and yellow are just as adorable as they are elegant: achieving the fluidity that the company has for itself. MBI produces content mainly for Motion, Branding and Interactive platforms, its repertoire extending beyond content just for kids: and the brand identity successfully reflects this versatility.



“Designing for yourself is a blessing and a curse. You don’t have to sell or pitch anything, you can trust your instincts and go ahead but at the same time you expect much more from yourself than a client will do from you.” His process, he says, begins with making lots of moodboards in order to improve his understanding of the brand. “This is done by intensely using Pinterest for hours.”


Barely a year old, the mobile technology based design and development house behind travel-blogging collective has some very interesting projects lined up for it.

Launched this month is Bookling, a digital bookmark for physical books. Also upcoming are Tales of Invention, an interactive children’s book series for iPad and Quote Hanger.

Amrit Pal Design is a digital design agency within Mister Bumbles Interactive. It provides interdisciplinary design development to a diverse clientele. Visit their website, to know more.

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