September 10, 2015

kdy15 Diaries: Debashish Ghosh

by Debashish Ghosh

At the end of IAA Kyoorius Digiyatra, Star TV’s VP Broadcast Design, Debashish Ghosh, reflects on the day that was.

A balmy morning. Squinty eyes struggling to open. Inevitable! if you are in Goa and especially if you were here the night before.

Then you push your mind to disrupt the stupor and remember why you are sprawled on a bed in Hyatt. A nano synapse and the answer rings – designyatra. Will it be worth it again this year?

Well, Nick Law has given a stellar kickstart. Honestly, that’s an understatement. A super fine balance of sit-back-and-watch-videos that remind you why you got into this world to begin with and some prudent eye-opening thoughts about org structure reinvented for the digital world. It takes serious courage and confidence to share your secrets. Much appreciated…

So, yes, a special beginning to a special edition. 10th year of KDY. Even the rain gods echo it pitching in gently. Just like Kay does it quietly. Neat.

In other news – the wise men said that everything has a flip side. I am forcing myself to look for one for KDY. Can’t find it so far. Maybe lack of sleep. Anybody? But I am sure the guys back at work will come up with a listicle. But who’s asking the uninitiated?

Just when I thought I had finished my bit for the day, Lydia and John happened. Simply put – Wow. Lydia’s humility, infectious child-like energy and positivity is what makes human-centered design a reality. And then John took us back to the basics and made the much abused word ‘inspiration’ cool again. They just killed it and made the day epic.

Think I am glad I woke up…

Look out for more such diaries in the days to come here.

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