March 24, 2016

Sketchnotes: Pranita Kocharekar

by Sonaksha Iyengar

She was allowed to paint anywhere in the house and she made the walls her canvas. That is how Pranita Kocharekar began her adventure with art. She knew she would take up a profession in graphic design and illustration since school. “I was that girl who drew in science and math textbooks at school,” she says adding that she never missed school during art class. She went on to study Advertising and Graphic Design with a major in Typography at Rachana Sansad College of Applied Arts and Craft.



Pranita’s everyday colourful doodles previously featured in our favourite sketchbooks of 2015 are a fresh breath of positivity. From lettering her favourite quotes to drawing on photographs, her digital sketchbook on Instagram documented under #pranitasdrawingaday weaves stories of different characters with everyday moments and conversations.

“The idea behind the project was to discipline myself to draw everyday, for the sake of practice,” she confesses, adding that it helped in building her confidence. From quick 2-minute pencil and ink sketches on busy days to scribbles while listening to music, she says the responses she received were a reminder, “I realised it isn’t always about the skill but more about the thought and concept.”


Her work ranges from projects for clients like OREO and QuikrCars to collaborations like her contribution to Taxi Fabric. However, apart from designing communications for brands, she also loves using design to understand her emotions. “There are simple things in life we often forget – to love and be kind to each other,” Pranita says, reflecting these thoughts in some of her Instagram stories like Ponch and Monster.


The Until Next Time project started as a way to make the world a warmer and friendlier place. A compilation of 33 palm-sized cards to appreciate friends, family and underappreciated people like cab drivers and waiters, the cards brought in a lot of great feedback and stories. “A lot of them said it felt good to make someone smile, it made them smile which made me smile,” she said.


Talking about her favourite artists – Timothy Goodman, Jessica Walsh and Jean Juillen Pranita says, “I’ve always been inspired by the process of their work. They don’t focus on skill as much as on communication and visual essence. They are great storytellers.” Her recent pet project ‘Therapy Sessions’ presents her take on depression with a set of three illustrations in different styles interfusing visuals with words from various philosophers. Bringing together her love for literature, research and art, the project carefully creates a comfortable space to explore oneself, much like a session with a therapist.

Pranita’s future projects include picture books, merchandising and working with animal and children NGOs. “I wish to reach out to at least one person everyday,” she says, hoping to eventually evolve into an independent artist.


To keep up with Pranita’s drawings and projects, visit her Behance profile or follow her on Instagram.

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