The Kyoorius FYIdays are early evening sessions lead by specialist speakers on a defined subject; as series of seminars, workshops and training sessions – conducted monthly. And with a limited attendance of just 30 to 100 people — Kyoorius FYIday becomes a perfect platform to interact more closely & directly with the speaker, industry leaders, peers and clients.
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Satya Rajpurohit (Delhi)

Custom type design

Over 2 intensive, hands-on workshops in Mumbai and Delhi, Sarang and Satya will teach attendees about the intricacies of typography, with an emphasis on Indian scripts.

Hone your skills in type design from two of the foremost typographers in India. Kyoorius FYIday: Type Studio offers an introduction to creating well-designed, custom typography.

Satya and Sarang each have a slew of typefaces and custom type under their belt, and will guide attendees through their process, using Latin scripts as a starting point and moving into Indic scripts such as Devanagri, Bengali, etc.

Over 2 consecutive Saturdays, Sarang and Satya, will inspire attendees to ‘think with type’ in their own unique way. The workshops will be a combination of type theory, tutorial and in-class assignment, culminating in a crit session on Day 2.

What you’ll learn
Type basics
: An overview of custom type design and typography, the parameters and requirements. Arranging type and how to create a strong visual treatment using only type.

Process: Insight into the techniques and process employed by Ek Type or Indian Type Foundry, two of the foremost type foundries in India.

Maintaining consistency across scripts: Translating the original logotype to another script without compromising it’s unique character. Indic scripts require a very different mindset, compared to latin scripts, and the challenge is creating type that translates beautifully from one script to another.

What you’ll make
Attendees will be given a type assignment in the first session, which will be reviewed and critiqued during the second session.

A keen interest in and basic knowledge of typography, including terminology and structure. Note: The focus of this workshop is on type design, not the creation of typographic posters.

Attendees will need to bring their own laptop with vector editing software installed. Either Fontlabs or GlyphsApps should be installed on their laptops too. A free trial of Adobe Illustrator can be downloaded here. Also download the demo version of Fontlab here, and glyphsapp here.

Basic materials such as paper, pens, pencils will be provided at the studio. Attendees are welcome to bring their preferred equipment.

Date & Time
5 & 12 April, 2014
10.30am - 5.30pm
INR 1500
Kyoorius Delhi, Gurgaon
Plot No 483, 2nd Floor, Udyog Vihar Phase 5, Gurgaon 122016, Haryana
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