Harshvardhan Kadam - Inkbrushme

Mythopolis – Exploring the stories of mythological India

Most of us belong to nuclear families, where grandparents didn’t put us to sleep at night, while reciting stories of Krishna and his many antics or the story of Ganesh and Karthika. We hear of […]

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Of books, music and deep inspiration

I remember a time when weekends meant sleeping in, reading the papers over a cup of coffee re-heated three times and beginning my day with a late lunch. Ever since the Mumbai chapter of Creative […]

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Nasheet Shadani

Paper Perfect Indian Characters by Nasheet Shadani

In advertising, the work you produce is as successful or good as the time that it lasts for and the impact it leaves. While “Pakde rehna, chhodna nahi” epitomises Fevicol or “The Taste of India” […]

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The Designer: Manish Sharma

As we percolate from the metros to non-metros (smaller cities/local designers), the definition of design keeps changing and getting more interesting. And to bring forth these interesting insights and stories is one of the reasons why we started […]

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Garima Shukla

Sketchnotes: Garima Shukla

Meet Garima Shukla, a Varanasi-born graphic designer currently based out of Hyderabad, who loves to get out of the daily grind and doodle away her pent up energy. Deriving inspiration from childhood memories is quite […]

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Nichebusting. The emerging mindset that matters most

Just who are the youth of the urban middle class? According to many reputable youth reports, they are optimistic, confident, impatient, fun-loving, socially active, etcetera, etcetera. Not that there’s anything wrong with what the reports […]

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Avinash Bhalerao

Kyoorius Knocks: Avinash Bhalerao

This week on Knocks, we dropped in on Avinash Bhalerao, Art Director at KA Advertising in Mumbai. Below are excerpts from the conversation. Q: What kind of work do you enjoy the most? Do you […]

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Aziza Iqbal

Kyoorius Knocks: Aziza Iqbal

Aziza Iqbal is an artist and a self-taught pattern designer who currently resides in Doha. Below is the conversation we began with her to understand ourselves, the play of patterns, a love affair that turned […]

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A Letter from Michael Wolff: The Four Gateways

Dear Reader, During the last few weeks, I’ve been asked several times for advice on two particular issues. The first, how do you manage to persuade clients to trust you and to accept surprising and individual answers to their briefs, […]

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Tagsy Baggit 2

Someone to Tag Along

This is part of our series on the 2014 Kyoorius Design Awards in-book winners. To see the complete list click here. Safety is a matter of serious concern for every woman in India, be it in the villages […]

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Office_Wee Society_Image for Thumbnail

Building Brands with Systems

The first couple of weeks after Designyatra always feel a little manic. I’m usually restless, itching to do more, inspired by all that I’ve seen and heard. This year though, I’m more restless than ever […]

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Feature Image Rahul Datta

Sketchnotes: Rahul Dutta

Gurgaon-based artist and tech-entrepreneur, NID alumnus Rahul Dutta, creates three-dimensional virtual worlds and augmented reality experiences. His art is a unique blend of attention to detail, fantastical imagination, technology and science fiction. Rahul is compelled […]

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Rakshasi_Feature Image

An Explosion of Flavours.

This is part of our series on the 2014 Kyoorius Design Awards in-book winners. To see the complete list click here. What makes India so unique to globetrotters? Is it the stories, people, colours, festivals, traditions or the […]

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A Smiling Elephant to CleftToSmile

CleftToSmile won the Black Elephant in Kyoorius Design Awards 2014, on the 13th of September, concluding Designyatra 2014. The Blue Elephant nominees and In-book winners can be seen here.  OperationSmile is one of the largest […]

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KDY Conversations: Elizabeth McGuane

Elizabeth is an independent content strategist, editor and UX designer working in London. She was first a journalist, then worked in some tiny, middle-sized and very large digital agencies before becoming an independent content strategy […]

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KDY Conversations: Tim Malbon

Tim Malbon, is a founding partner of Made By Many, strategist and the designer of digital solutions. Made By Many uses a hybrid approach of Lean start-up thinking, service design approaches and Agile software development […]

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    Kyoorius: Harshvardhan Kadam @inkbrushnme tells us about his ongoing street art project, Mythopolis

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    Kyoorius: Nasheet Shadani of @greygroupapac, shows us some of his earlier work for @Ogilvy. @VodafoneIN's paper characters.