KDY14 Diaries: Day 03 – Conclusion.

I walked into a hall packed with tremendous energy this morning. After two days of inspiring talks, reunions with old friends and colleagues, conversations with new friends and several glasses of wine, the excited faces […]

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KDY14 Diaries: Day 02 – ‘What If’

I’ve always wondered how much a brand’s logo or identity could actually influence how people saw a brand. I’ve always wondered how, without really understanding the product, without getting into the system, whether a change […]

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KDY14 Diaries: Day 01 Digiyatra

Over the past few months, every interview I’ve read about a designer, studio or agency has had the word ‘digital’ generously sprinkled through it. Design studios talk about wanting to go ‘digital’; what India truly lacks, […]

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Coming soon to a theater near you…

I have always loved going to the movies. It’s the perfect respite on a hot or rainy day, sitting in the cool darkness munching on popcorn. Sadly however, as our HDTVs get bigger and bigger, […]

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Goa Tourism – Re-Identified.

This is part of our seriesThis is part of our series on the 2014 Kyoorius Design Awards in-book winners. To see the complete list click here. Hear the word Goa and one instantly conjures up images of sun, […]

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Notes from a Conference Junkie

I went to my first design conference in 2011, a week after I’d wrapped up my graduation project. I’d worked hard, slept little and the promise of beaches and beer was all the convincing I […]

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A Letter from Michael Wolff : A Disjointed Mind

Dear Reader, This will be a disjointed letter because my mind’s disjointed by travelling and by being in too many different time zones in too short a time. Travelling’s always a discombobulating experience for me […]

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An identity for the art of our times

This is part of our series on the 2014 Kyoorius Design Awards in-book winners. To see the complete list click here. We’ve been following the folks at Kulture Shop ever since they opened their new store last year, […]

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Reshal Profile

Sketchnotes: Reshal Shah

A recent graduate of the Masters in Design programme from Industrial Design Centre, IIT Mumbai, Reshal Shah illustrates for books and aspires to collaborate with reputed publishers for storybook illustrations. When you don’t find her […]

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Visiting Cards for Dietician Priti Jadhav

This is a part of our series on the 2014 Kyoorius Design Awards in-book winners. To see the complete list click here. At some point in time all of us would have had memories of waiting for a […]

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Plate Up – Asian Paints ColourNext 14

This is a part of our series on the 2014 Kyoorius Design Awards in-book winners. To see the complete list click here When Asian Paints ColourNext was established in 2003, it was far ahead of its time, being the […]

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Anthony_DSC_1817 (cropped) rgb_b&w1

My Life in Design: Anthony Lopez

So the story goes like this: One fine day, Anthony Lopez went to meet a photographer friend to say hello. While waiting for one of his clients to do a photo shoot, his friend showed Anthony […]

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Superheroes in India by Rajkamal Aich

He is an artist, but he doesn’t use the pencil anymore. Rajkamal is a data visualizer and graphic designer based in New Delhi. He is also a covert photographer. “It’s very difficult to say what the exact […]

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Melt-in. The Art of Gelato.

This is the first in our series on the 2014 Kyoorius Design Awards in-book winners. To see the complete list click here Gelato and Ahmedabad are quite hard to imagine together in one sentence. When […]

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What’s inside Kyoorius 21

The 21st issue of Kyoorius Magazine is out! The pages of this issue are filled with stories of people who have taken “a leap of faith” at some point in their careers. Self-starters, game changers, […]

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The 2014 Rolex Awards for Enterprise, Neeti Kailas, 2014 Young Laureate

Sohum Innovation Lab awarded Rolex Award for Enterprise 2014

A device for detecting hearing impairment in newborn children designed by Neeti Kailas and engineer Nitin Sisodia, has won the Rolex Award for Enterprise 2014. Kailas, together with her husband Nitin, launched Sohum Innovative Lab […]

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    Kyoorius: #kdy14 came to a conclusion last night and @anyarangaswami befittingly fills her KDY14 Diaries with notes from Day 3.