Let’s Ditch the Brand Guidelines

In 2003 Heidi Lightfoot co-founded Together Design, an award-winning design and branding company with an emphasis on collaboration and craft. This year she sat on the D&AD Crafts for Design Jury. Below, Heidi traces the move […]

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Sketchnotes: Ivy Mukherjee

Her name means “evergreen” and each day she strives to live up to it. When she was a child, her mother found her drawing all over the walls of their village-house in Chopa, West Bengal. […]

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#Askingforit gets a new meaning

As provocative as the name of the campaign, is the question, “what have you done to respond to Sexual Harassment?” Sexual harassment is widespread in India, and it comes as no surprise that the worst […]

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Medicine Corner digs out mysteries of medicine in India

In China, there are at least 2 doctors for every 1000 people; that isn’t something to be ecstatic about. But how many of us know that in India, for every 1000 people there are about […]

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3 days to melt…are you ready?

2 days…over 40 events…more than 50 speakers… and the advertising industry’s biggest night of the year. How do you make sense of it all? Download this handy MELT schedule and plan your days. There’s no […]

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Dialogue: Paper Boat

Remember those homemade recipes passed down from grandmother to mother, which provided abundant refreshment on hot, summer days spent playing outdoors? This is the story behind Paper Boat, a range of traditional Indian drinks, whose […]

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Sketchnotes: Samidha Gunjal

Freelance illustrator and animator Samidha Gunjal walks around with watercolours. Seldom will you find a sketch without colour as you flip through her work. An alumnus of the Industrial Design Centre (IDC) at IIT Bombay, […]

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In the Shades of Kolkata by Bidipto Dey

Young photographer Bidipto Dey is convinced Kolkata is the best place for photography in India. “All the famous photographers know this and they all come here,” the 12th standard student born and raised in the […]

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Spaces: Laureus Learning Pavilion

While growing up, most of us would have spent hours at end buried under books, and found ourselves daydreaming of running about carefree in a vast, green outfield, all while staring at our homework notebooks […]

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What’s inside Kyoorius 25

In Kyoorius 25, we explored Kitsch, the overwhelming and overstated style of design and art, which surprisingly doesn’t seem to have a definition. What is kitsch, and is it really such a bad thing? Chumbak, […]

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A Letter from Michael Wolff: Money

Dear Reader, “Money, get away Get a good job with more pay and you’re OK. Money, it’s a gas Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash a New car, caviar, four-star daydream, […]

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Digital Art Direction – Something’s Got To Change

Below, Gerry Human, the Chief Creative Officer at Ogilvy & Mather, teases apart the meanings of art direction and design. What becomes clear is that art direction is not as valued in digital media as it […]

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Sketchnotes: Siddhartha Tripathi

While he was sitting in Dharamsala with flickering Internet and flaky speed, Siddhartha Tripathi shared with us what sketching means to him. We first came across Siddhartha’s work while flipping through the book Design Education […]

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French cinephiles unite with free films at the Matterden

If you haven’t paid a visit to Matterden CFC, aka Deepak Cinema at Lower Parel, here’s more incentive. Matterden announces the opening of French Film Nights in association with Institut Français in India. The opening film […]

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Stories Stories Everywhere: Mister Bumbles Interactive

It’s all about storytelling at Mister Bumbles Interactive - a design and development house focusing on storytelling and childlike wonder. Brother-sister pair Amrit Pal Singh and Bandhna A. Banga are on a mission to infuse childlike wonder into […]

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Sketchnotes: Shini Abraham

Shini Abraham was one of those kids who never spared a textbook from her doodling pen. Throughout her long and varied career, she has been a designer, art director, artist, writer, speaker and life coach […]

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    Kyoorius: Time to move away from style guidelines says @HeidiLightfoot, who sat on this year's @dandad Crafts for Design Jury.

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    Kyoorius: “If you look into my sketchbook, you'll find out who Ivy Mukherjee is.” @JellyIvy Well then, let's find out...

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    Kyoorius: The identity design for #Askingforit @INBreakthrough by @Codesign_India keeps it bold, basic & adaptable. More here