India on the Internet

I was asked to write about the role of design in mobile technology and how smartphones are changing the way we transact with companies and interact with each other. All I came up with were […]

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Sketchnotes: Sunga Park

“I am just an ordinary person who likes to travel and make art,” says Sunga Park. She may claim to be ordinary but her art is far from it. Sunga is a self-taught artist based […]

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Airdrome Collective brings an eclectic mix of artists to the Hive this weekend

Airdrome is a collective of artists – filmmakers, illustrators, photographers, sculptors, and the like, who want “to make more room in the city for artists’ work, a space where people can interact with artists who […]

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Delhi Photo Festival 2015 is open for submissions

Delhi Photo Festival is one of India’s first and biggest biennials, a non-profit initiative organised by the Nazar Foundation in association with India Habitat Centre (IHC), New Delhi. It showcases some of the best international […]

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The many shades of Kerala by Arosh Thevadathil

Arosh Thevadathil, an illustrator and artist who is now charting a path for himself in advertising, comes from a village called Avidanallur in Kozhikode – a little world of its own, away from the cacophony of […]

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The Designer: Bending a new curve

The Old… Street vendors selling anything from fruits and vegetables, to clothes, electronics, newspapers, shoes and furniture on pavements, are a regular feature of many Indian cities. One such shop located on the bustling road […]

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Outdoor Advertising that Messes with the System

Outdoor Advertising is more than just posters. Context and form can be played with to produce a powerful and surprising result. These examples from the 2014 D&AD Awards show just what lengths brands can go to […]

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Sketchnotes: Ritaban Das

Ritaban Das, who also goes by the name Ronnie the Reaper, is a character designer, illustrator and storyboard artist who has been working in the gaming industry for the past six years. Most of his […]

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Headbanging Modi and other Kindle Covers by Rae Zachariah

For someone who hasn’t yet finished college, Rae is doing considerably well. A third-year student of visual communication from Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Rae Zachariah has illustrated quite a few covers of […]

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The world is your touchscreen with Vijesh Rajan

“I must admit that the music scene is kind of a comfort zone. Combining four seasons of The Dewarists, two seasons of Sound Trippin’ and several independent efforts, I’ve worked on over 70 music videos. So […]

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#6FrameStoryChallenge by Pratham Books

Children’s book publisher Pratham Books has some interesting experiments in the pipeline. The StoryWeaver platform is one, designed to be a digital repository of ‘openly-licensed, multilingual children’s stories’, wherein the content will be freely accessible for readers […]

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Kyoorius Picks: Interesni Kazki

Interesni Kazki are a rarity, not just in their hometown of Kiev, but also the world over. When they started out in the nineties, they were two out of a handful of street artists from […]

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An illustrated dream by Gaurav Ogale

“I tell stories.” “No but what do you do?” “Yes, I tell stories for a living” I was grinning as I glanced out of the aircraft window and saw a place that I had only […]

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A dialogue with Priya Kuriyan

A baby cousin of mine once asked me to draw her a peacock. And I had to draw it thirteen times, till she finally approved of it. “The tail could be longer”, and “the peacock […]

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Padmini, the queen of Mumbai cabs

When you experience Mumbai for the first time as a new-comer or passing traveller, there are a few things that you can’t forget. One of these is a ride in a speeding black-and-yellow taxi, while […]

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Artisanal Packaging by Impprintz

A young and independent graphic design firm has recently shifted base from Pondicherry to Pune. It’s called Impprintz and it is the brainchild of two designers – Rahul Sureka and Simran Sahi. Impprintz was founded […]

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    Kyoorius: Tina Mehta @lbvc digs around to find out how Indian users pay for and use technology on their mobile phones everyday.

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    Kyoorius: Korean globetrotter and self-taught artist Sunga Park tells her stories through elegant washes made en route.

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