Behind the Seen: Frank Brazil or The Ballad of Udham Singh

Udham Singh was an Indian revolutionary best known for assassinating Michael O’Dwyer, a British official responsible for the Jallianwalla Bagh Massacre. One of his many aliases was Frank Brazil, the name for the new track […]

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Cadbury reveals the secret behind Buffering videos

Ads would not be annoying if they were made with as much humor as Cadbury 5 Star’s last few ones. The punchline of Buffering, designed to be a preloader for YouTube videos, lands straight on the […]

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What I Know Now: Ujjwal Raaj Sen

This is the first of a series where we publish stories contributed by those who have taken their first steps in the unique, challenging and colourful world of advertising and design. In the ancient times, if […]

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Week Around the Web Maggi

Ek Irani Chai and some Maggi: The Week Around the Web

This week on the internet, our findings are more delicious than usual. Nestlé India has begun the long journey to reclaim Maggi’s lost empire. Quartz India First things first, Maggi, beloved Maggi is back. Absence […]

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Origins: Bharat Tiles

In 1922, Pherozesha Sidhwa, a would-be lawyer, was pushed on a different path. Propelled by the Swadeshi movement, he was encouraged to take up industry, which in turn led him to tile making, a field […]

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Sketchnotes: Dinesh Nivalkar

Quirky posters and landscape paintings, ballpoint, black-and-white and coloured renders looked at us as we browsed through Dinesh Nivalkar’s blog. A Mumbai-based art director, Dinesh says his biggest inspiration is nature. His work is mostly […]

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Designers to watch out for, Pt. 2

Continuing from where we left off yesterday, here are two more designers to watch out for. 3/4 Pragun Agarwal Pragun graduated from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad in graphic design in December 2014. We first […]

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Designers to watch out for, Pt.1

Every day we swim through portfolios in our inbox or on online platforms, looking for fresh stories for our magazine and website. In the process, we came across a few that really showed promise. There […]

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Four reasons why longreads aren’t dead

The information explosion that came with the Internet is both a blessing as well as a curse. A blessing because it gives an exciting number of opportunities and avenues to explore knowledge, many sides of […]

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A bird’s eye view of Chennai: Madras Transit

As the city of Chennai turns 376 this year and prepares to celebrate this milestone with Madras Week, architect Robert D. Stephens’ exhibit Madras Transit opens at The Folly on the 22 August 2015. Madras Transit, a […]

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M.P. Ranjan: Designer, Thinker, Teacher

The thing about Ranjan was that you couldn’t ignore him; he was prolific, he was everywhere and he had a deep, unshakeable conviction that design could and should change the world. To me, he was […]

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Bindis for Health, Indians in China and Open-Source-Cinema: The Week Around the Web

Our internet-scavenge pile gets shinier and shinier each week. And this is the third time we’re making your awesome weekend reading list for you so you know all about the wonderful things design is doing […]

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Becoming One

Often, as designers, we are prone to lamenting how a certain concept that was brilliant was not accepted by the client or an idea you proposed was squashed by the team. Somewhere, there is this […]

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Sketchnotes: Parvati Pillai

Animation was her first love, bred from the cartoons she watched at a young age. Illustration was her second, blooming in her fifth semester at MIT Institute of Design in Pune where she was studying to […]

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A Gorgeous Voice for the Indian Queer: Gaysi Magazine

Gaysi Magazine is an initiative by The Gaysi Family, which initially started off as a blog aimed at members of the LGBTQ community in South Asia. Gaysi was formed in 2008 and it wasn’t until much […]

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Digital Stories: #WillsRocktheRamp by Madison Media

The glitz and glamour of the fashion world makes everyone gape wide eyed. While models walk majestically, strutting down the ramp in masterpieces one after the other, the audience are usually mute spectators. The brief […]

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