Smriti: Art from the Piramal Collection by Kahani Designworks

Photograph © Aditya Palsule/Kahani Designworks, 2015 In Indian philosophy, “smriti” refers to a body of knowledge that is remembered and passed on from generation to generation, kept alive in memory and practice by teachers and […]

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Sketchnotes: Pratap Chalke

“Sketching helps me empty my mind,” says Pratap Chalke an illustrator from Sawantwadi, a small town in south Maharashtra. From line drawn portraits of people to coloured blocks that form figures, his work is a fusion of […]

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(in)verto – Where Light Meets The Shadows

images courtesy Siddharth Sadashiv Most of us go about our day without much of a thought for sunlight and the interesting shadows cast by the buildings around us. Not Siddharth Sadashiv, a young budding designer […]

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A peek into The Limited Edition 2016 Art Calendar by Cupick

Ever dreamt about circling dates and marking little reminders on a calendar that’s filled with art? Cupick’s latest Limited Edition 2016 Art Calendar, born out of a love for collaborations and creative exploration, features 12 […]

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Design Indaba Festival 2016 – what’s new and more!

The Design Indaba Festival, an annual event that brings together the design and creative communities from across Africa and the world to Cape Town, has spruced things up by adding more to their already full […]

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Final Cut: A Grinning Tree, Kolkata

This article is the second in a series of articles featuring movie posters from across India, released and unreleased works too, for their merit. Keep watching this series for more.  Elsewhere in Bengal… All images […]

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Biscoot with a little bit of Rain!

Designs at Biscoot perfectly reflect the places Sirawon Tulisen Khathing and Ben Ezra Ningtoutao have been to and lived in. “Moving away from home, made us value our culture more,” they say, talking about the […]

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Travel Photo Jaipur 2016: A Festival on Wanderlust

The Pink City, Jaipur will witness a role reversal this February with the Travel Photo Jaipur Festival – a Festival on Wanderlust. Travel Photo Jaipur Festival, being held from 5 to 14 February 2016, will […]

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Sketchnotes: Sadhna Prasad

She never coloured leaves green, mountains brown and skies blue because that’s not how she saw them in her head. Sadhna Prasad, illustrator and visual designer enjoys using abstract images to communicate. “It’s easier because […]

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Murshidabad: Lost Gem in a Faded Crown

Funnily enough, way back in the 18th century, when the first sparks of rebellion were brewing in the Indian Sepoy ranks for what would have been a failed mass mutiny, Murshidabad was already a province […]

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A look inside: Kala Ghoda Musings by Sameer Kulavoor

In a figurative spate of bustling motion and unmeasurable details, Kala Ghoda Musings, a limited edition art print by Sameer Kulavoor captures the ebullient intricacies of the static and daily subculture of Kala Ghoda. Within […]

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Publica, the Big City Public Art Festival 2016

Images courtesy Floodlight Foundation Publica, the big city public art festival, is back with its second edition and is going to be held between 23 January to 29 February in Delhi, NCR and Mumbai. This […]

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Final Cut: Swapnil Rane, Brain on Rent

All images are copyrights of the designer (Swapnil Rane) We’ve come a long way from the hand-painted posters of yore. It’s no big revelation (at least shouldn’t be) that movie posters today are ‘designed’. Publicity Design is an industry which […]

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Sketching Your Way Through 2016!

Thanks to Behance and Instagram, jumping into your favourite artist’s sketchbook isn’t a dream anymore. Since it’s that time of the year to open a blank page and fill it with mindless squiggles or even […]

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Spaces: Casa Rana by Made in Earth ONLUS

Images & Drawings:  © Made in Earth ONLUS A version of this story on Casa Rana was originally published in Matter, a content initiative that aims to celebrate the diversity and richness of ideologies and practices […]

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An Escalation of Cultural Influences: India Art Fair 2016

Images courtesy India Art Fair The India Art Fair (IAF), in its eight edition, is all set to take place from 28 to 31 January, 2016 at NSIC Grounds Okhla, New Delhi. The four-day event […]

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