Kyoorius Knocks: Block Shop

Hopie and Lily Stockman, two sisters (of four) brought up on the farms of New Jersey, built and painted things together since young. And their comfortable and able partnership gave birth to Block Shop – […]

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Spaces: Ministry of New

It’s sleepy and gloomy outside, a typical rainy day in Mumbai and I am making my way to a collaborative workspace (co-working space) in the busy suburban area of Santa Cruz. The building I enter […]

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The Nation Wants to Ban

India has been on a high lately. And like most inebriated folk, the powers that be have been acting on instinct, with little thought for the consequences. I refer to the multitude of bans that […]

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Five Packaging Design Predictions for 2015

At Pearlfisher, Natalie Chung nurtures an energetic and collaborative studio environment where imagination and bold ideas are encouraged to grow. At the 2015 D&AD Awards, she will be Foreman of the Packaging Design Jury . With two new […]

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Sketchnotes: Himanshi Parmar

“What is an illustration after all? To me it’s something you cannot take a photograph of, it’s a mixture of a memory, thought and experience,” said Himanshi Parmar when we ask makes her want to sketch. […]

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Untold stories, told passionately.

A few weeks ago, we chanced upon an online magazine, Untold ["Untold stories, told passionately."], a collective where 10 storytellers (and still counting…) get together to unveil tales that quench the wanderlust. The stories of Untold […]

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Kyoorius Salary Survey: The Results III

The decision to go freelance and give up the safety net of working in a studio or agency, is not an easy one. For one graphic designer, with a postgraduate degree from NID, who’s now […]

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I am not a control freak

Attempting to define what I do has proved to be a difficult task. Because it’s always assumed that if you work at a design firm – you’re a designer who wears chucks, jeans, a black […]

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R.I.P. Charles Correa (1 September 1930 – 16 June 2015)

It is quite impossible to try to “summarize” the life of a man who spent more than 50 years in architecture and built something as powerful as the Gandhi Ashram on the banks of Sabarmati […]

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Kyoorius Salary Survey: The Results II

And now, some sticky truths. While some of the responses we got from those who took our survey led to figures that we’d already been somewhat aware of, we were able to break down some […]

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Maker’s Asylum makes it to Delhi

Maker Culture seems to be slowly taking over the country. Mumbai’s Maker’s Asylum opens in Delhi this month to give impetus to the movement in the capital city. Maker’s Asylum is a community space for […]

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Disrupting Interior Design

Tim Greenhalgh is Chief Creative Officer at FITCH, overseeing 14 design studios. Below, Tim asks ‘what is interior design’ and sets out a vision that stretches the very definition of what constitutes interior, spatial and environmental […]

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Vineet Gupta_FP1

The Advertising Hangover…

The biggest advantage of the digital industry is the lack of legacy. It provides all players an opportunity to define the rules for themselves and draft their own charter. However, I do notice that by […]

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Sketchnotes: Rohit Kelkar

Up until a few months ago, Rohit Kelkar was a student at Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune. Now a graduate animation film designer, Rohit reveals that sketching has helped him discover a liking and a sense of […]

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What’s a video worth? explains.

Most of us have had these internet fits, suddenly spending hours obsessively googling and wiki-ing one page after the other, linking us to other pages, which leads to 10 others – all equally addictive, which […]

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Street-watching with ‘the meanest Indian’, Meena Kadri

Meena Kadri, ‘the meanest indian’ on flickr, has a rather large portfolio of images from India – from portraits, travel, streets to stories. Meena’s work covers a myriad of striking visuals from across the country, […]

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    Kyoorius: We spoke to the sisters Hopie & @LilyStockman of @BlockShopHQ about merging block printing with modern designs –

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    Kyoorius: We visited the @MinistryOfNew in Santa Cruz a couple of days ago and its simple, cosy interiors warmly welcomed us –

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    Kyoorius: The lovely @TaraBooks' sale & exhibition of limited-edition art prints, ends on July 15. Get 25% discount on prints!